Welcome to Centering Prayer

If you are searching for God or for a way to get to know Him better, this silent gentle way of praying may be for you.

God is present to each one of us, at the centre of our being, every moment of our lives, regardless of our religion, race, nationality or position in life.  He is loving us with a love we cannot begin to imagine.  He knows us intimately and longs to make Himself known to us. In Centering Prayer we sit silently in His Presence and allow our usual thoughts flow past without paying any attention to them. We allow ourselves to be present to God, to let God love us. It is an ancient way of prayer presented in an updated form.


Mar 18th-25th 2020 –  8 Day Centering Prayer Retreat in Manresa Retreat Centre, Clontarf, Dublin 3.

May 8th – 10th  (please note change of date)Weekend Centering Prayer Manresa Retreat Centre, Dublin 3. Booking: Kathleen 087 6017709 or contemplativeoutreachireland@gmail.com