Céad Míle Fáilte…Welcome

Dear Fellow Traveller in Prayer,

This website is borne from a desire to share the Christian Contemplative heritage of the Gospel with others through the practice of Centering Prayer.  Whether you have reached us by intention or by accident we hope that you will pause, stay awhile and browse its pages.  It is a website for those who do not yet know about beginning a prayer practice or about relationship with God as one understands him/her to be and wish to learn more.  It is even more so for those who desire to grow further in a practice already begun.

We hope these pages provide information, ideas, resources and ways of building a spiritual support network for you that will assist you on your spiritual journey.  We also pray that your time of browsing will be graced filled for you.

We dedicate this website to all our fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world who are part of an international contemplative community of daily practitioners in Centering Prayer and who daily live ordinary lives with extraordinary love.  We also dedicate it to those who have touched and enriched our lives and without whom we would not have experienced the transforming impact of Centering prayer.  We hope these pages assist and encourage you similarly to grow in love of the Ultimate Mystery whom we all seek.

In union of prayer,

Anne McClean


Contemplative Outreach Ireland

“Humanity as a whole needs a breakthrough into the

contemplative dimension of life.

The contemplative dimension of life is the heart of the world.

There the human family is already one.

If one goes to one’s own heart, one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else and everyone else, as well as oneself, in the heart of the Ultimate Mystery.”

Thomas Keating: excerpted from “Seekers of Ultimate Mystery,” The Contemplative Outreach News, June 2010