Thomas Keating
Thomas Keating
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“You shall seek the Lord, your God; and you shall indeed find him when you search after him with your whole soul”Deut 4:29

“Do not be afraid, Yahweh your God goes in front of you…in the wilderness, too, you saw Him; how Yahweh carried you, as a man carries his child, all along the road you travelled on the way to this place”… Deut 1: 30-32

Since Vatican 2 the Roman Catholic Church has been encouraging Catholics to live the fullness of the Christian life without expecting priests, religious or anyone else to do it for them.  That implies creativity as well as responsibility on the part of lay people to come up with structures that will enable them to live the contemplative dimensions of the Gospel without a cloister”.

Fr. Thomas Keating, ‘First Steps in Centering Prayer’

Open Mind Open Heart: The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel (Continuum: New York, 2004)

“Right now there are about two billion Christians on the planet.  If a significant portion of them were to embrace the contemplative dimension of the Gospel, the emerging global society would experience a powerful surge towards enduring peace.  If this contemplative dimension of the Christian religion is not presented, the Gospel is not being adequately preached.”

Fr. Thomas Keating: Trappist Monk and founder of Contemplative Outreach Ltd.

The Contemplative Outreach logo is taken from the monogram of Job’s Redeemer, which is the symbol of patient waiting. It depicts the alpha and omega, a symbol of God, the beginning and the end. The cross in the centre a symbol of our salvation, flowers, a symbol of the abundance of life and the Resurrection; and a circle, a sign of ongoing process.


Check out “The Four Monks” video from Contemplative Outreach

Notes from a Deep Conversation.  Fr Thomas Keating.

Without thinking or feeling some emotion, there is just awareness. There is then no desire for bliss, enlightenment, or to teach others. Things are just as they are. In that so-called emptiness, enjoyment arises of itself. As soon as we try to enjoy, the enjoyment ceases. Somehow at the bottom of emptiness (openness, pure awareness), there is enjoyment, fullness, presence and peace.

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Fr. Tom Dalton pp – Talking about Centering Prayer on South East Radio – June 2016

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